WTIL Block of the Month 2000

note from Ellen:

Linda J has been kind enough to offer you this block of the month. Each month you will be able to get a new pattern for making blocks. The past months' patterns will always be available, so don't worry if you miss one along the way. Thank you to Linda J for the patterns and directions and to Lauri P for doing the webpage work for the Block of the Month. It warms my heart to see how everyone jumps in to work together for Wrap Them in Love. Enjoy the Block of the Month!

Thank you for participating in the program as a means for helping us meet the goal of making 2000 quilts in the year 2000.

My plan at this point is that participants make the blocks as we go along and then
combine them into a top that can be donated to wrap them in love or made for
your own use.  You  may completely do the quilting part if you  like, or send
it on to Becky, Ellen or one of the other machine quilter volunteers to help
reach our 2000 quilts in 2000.

I have picked quilt blocks that will push us a bit to try a new block without committing to a whole quilt.  Some will be a little easier to use foundation-piecing methods although templates could certainly be drawn and used to make a block.  Other blocks may require a bit of applique so use your favorite method to complete the block.  Don't like what I picked out?  Use something that you wish instead.  Want the blocks larger or smaller?  Draft them out to the size you wish to use or ask me in an email to print them out for you and send equivalent postage to snail mail the materials.

All blocks were originally drafted on Electric Quilt Version 4 (EQ4) to be 12 inch blocks.  The colored sketch is not the actual size.  It may be best to draw them out on graph paper to be sure of the template size if you are using that method.  I have used gray scale printing rather than color so as not to influence your color choices. Please use your favorite colors, fabric scraps or something brightly colored and . kid friendly. to make the blocks.

 Above all, I hope that you have fun making the blocks, feel a little challenged by it and know that you are doing a little something to help a child that needs to be . wrapped in love. .

Linda J in AL

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