February 2000
WTIL Block of the Month



The February block of the month is an adapted heart block from Sew Precise 1-2 called Queen of Hearts.  Those of you that have Sew Precise can use the block from there if you like. I have drafted the block as a 12-inch block but certainly can be made smaller or larger if desired.  The hearts in the corners can be appliqued instead of foundation pieced by just cutting a heart to fit a 4-inch square (like doing Valentine’s in grade school) and applying it by your preferred method—buttonhole around it, machine applique, hand applique and so forth.

The little nine patches should finish 4 inches, 4 ½ inches with seam allowances.  Strips should be cut 1.3 inches plus ½ inch.  I am going on the assumption that 3/10ths of an inch is somewhere between ¼ and ½ and will cut the strips 1 7/8 inch by the width of the fabric.  The nine patches can be trimmed to 4 ½ inches when the block is completed by centering the ruler or square in the middle of the block and trimming the excess.

Cut 3 strips of dark and 3 strips of background fabric and then seam together with ¼ inch seam allowance.  Do one set by joining  background-dark-background and the second,  dark-background-dark.  Cut into 4 ½ inch segments and then join the segments to make nine patch blocks.  Make four; you can either make more blocks or calculate it yourself how much fabric is needed for one block.  My math skills are not the best and I do not want to mislead you there.

Cut 5-4 ½ inch background squares if you plan on appliquéing the hearts outside squares and center.  If foundation piecing the hearts, cut the background in a general shape large enough to cover the shape and take care of the seam allowance.

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