This month’s block is a 12-inch block based on a 5 x 5 grid so it will probably need to be completed by using drafting and template making skills.

Cross and Crown is also known by the Bouquet’s Quilt, Tulip Wreath, Goose Tracks and Signal.  Barbara Brackman attributes this block to the Ladies Art Circle #151, which means it was known to have been printed in 1895 but may go back to 1889.  She assigned it a number of 1863a in her book Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks.    Technically this variation is shown as a light color on a darker background in the book but I used my own discretion in drawing it out in EQ4 just as I hope you will in making the block.

No matter what name you chose to use, I was thinking about Spring and the Easter Season when I made my selection for the month.  Happy Piecing!

CONSTRUCTION DIAGRAM  (Okay so I was trying something new here and did not get the last lines on the drawing and there is a triangle missing at the base)

Linda J

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