Wrap Them in Love

How it all started:

In 1980 we adopted a baby girl from far away Korea. In 1983, we added one more child to our family - a little boy from Korea - making a total of 5 children. One of the hardest things I went through was waiting for my adopted children. I had a picture and a little bit of information and my baby was thousands of miles away. "Was someone holding her when she cried? Was he fed and taken care of properly? Did someone hug him?"

Since that time in 1980, I knew that someday I wanted to go to Korea and visit the orphanages and do something for the children. But, of course, I also knew that would have to wait because I had 5 children of my own to raise! Well, that time has come. My children are grown. I own a fabric store and am a quilter. As I was stitching a baby quilt for display in my store, I was thinking about children around the world waiting for a family and what I could do for them. Suddenly I knew! I could wrap up a child in that quilt and they could feel my love that was stitched into that quilt just for them.

Well, that is just one quilt - for just one child. How can I take just one quilt when there are so many children? That's when Wrap Them in Love was started. Please help us share our love with these children.

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